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Join our Team

From time to time we need some extra help.  Give us a call to see if there’s a match with your what you have to offer.  We also work closely with select non profit organizations on various projects that can use volunteers.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Find out how our discerning viewers and event attendees can take an interest in your company. 

Improve your Lifestyle

Are you open to making a risk free change that could improve your life?  I bet you’d love to improve your health, make your home safer, spend more time doing what you love, and maybe even improve your finances.  One way is to discover unbeatable prices on products that are better and safer than the ones you’re already buying.  There’s even a company we know that pays over $60 per hour to watch videos about their products!   Protect your family and your community by having a safer environment at home and beyond.  Call us to find out how.  It’s all risk free and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Looking for “Lifestyle Income?”  Work from home and earn unlimited executive type income.    We’ll help you earn your first check, usually around $500 to $2,500!  After that, residual income arrives in your mailbox every month.

Give us a call at (516) 338-0552 for more details!