Beverley Olivacce Fashion Show at the Garden City Hotel

Fashion Forward at Garden City Hotel

by Paula Gottlieb Herman


B. Olivacce is a luxury clothing line Chef Paula & Cooking With Stars were introduced to, at their patio fashion show, hosted at the beautiful Garden City Hotel on Thursday, June 16th.

Beverley Olivacce is a European haute couture designer, who has a knack for knowing what women will look dazzling in. Her designs include career wear, resort wear, cocktail wear, and evening wear. So, whether you want to look chic at the office or glam it up on the red carpet, her collections are worth checking out.

When we were invited to cover the event, we really didn’t know what to expect, but we were so blown away by the fabrics, colors, lines, and movement these pieces showcased. Beverley Olivacce may not be a name that you know yet, but I predict she will be!

We hope you enjoy our video with interviews, gorgeous models, and a stunning hotel backdrop! Thank you, Garden City Hotel, for inviting us to this incredible fashion show!

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Beverly Gelb, Beverley Olivacce, Chef Paula Gottlieb Herman
Beverly Gelb, Beverley Olivacce, Chef Paula Gottlieb Herman

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