Taste of Hope Gala

By Paula Gottlieb Herman


The 4th Annual Taste of Hope Gala benefitting CN Guidance & Counseling Services brought 300 philanthropic Long Islanders to the Gatsby-era mansion known as NYIT de Seversky Mansion in Old Westbury. October 24th was National Food Day, so it was a perfect night to pair an assortment of delicious local foods and beverages with hope.

We attend many charity tasting events throughout the year, but this one had some special elements woven into an incredible night. As I arrived at the mansion, I was given a beautiful green ribbon with a Chef Paula name card attached. I wore my green ribbon proudly, as did the other CN Guidance & Counseling staff symbolizing Mental Health Awareness.

Thirty-five vendors were spread out among the various rooms of the mansion serving offerings from their stations. Dishes were prepared by some of Long Island’s notable chefs, restaurants, dessert purveyors, and food trucks. A few of my favorite nibbles included succulent meatballs, melt in your mouth baby back rib tacos, the freshest sushi, creamy guacamole, etc. I especially loved seeing a pizza food truck in front of the mansion creating pizzas to order with a large array of toppings. Beverage vendors included wineries, breweries, imports, and specialty waters.

In between samplings, we were ushered into the library where Tradewinds, a live band, played leading into the awards program. We listened to a few candid speeches about mental health, suicide, substance abuse, and empowerment. I was really touched by what I heard, and learned more about this agency charged with helping Long Islanders deal with tough times.

CN Guidance & Counseling Services has been around for 40 years tackling clients’ mental health and substance abuse issues. They treat 7,000 Long Islanders annually. In just a mere four years, this tasting event originally launched in a church, has morphed into a spectacular event in a gorgeous mansion, evoking a bygone era. If you missed Taste of Hope 2018, please put Taste of Hope 2019 on your calendar! And if you have a family member or friend who might benefit from their services, please contact them at CNGuidance.org.

A web gallery of photos is here.  If you’re on your phone, you can also text: 2018toh to 735-343 (SEL-FIE) and then the Waldo Photos App will help you find photos of you at this event, and others also!

Central Nassau Guidance & Counseling, Taste of Hope Gala

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