Pink Tie 2019

By Chef Paula Gottlieb Herman

#PinkTie2019 was a super-charged charity event in its 7th year, hitting all the marks at The Carltun on Monday, June 10th. While it was raining buckets outside, it was full of excitement inside. With a guest list that included 2.500 people, Long Island came out to support Stony Brook Children’s Hospital, the recipient of proceeds raised that night.

Chef Paula and Cooking With Stars were positioned at the entrance’s step and repeat, doing celebrity interviews. We had a ball chatting up comedians Jackie “Jokeman” Martling and Christopher Roach, headline musician Paul Mahos and New Life Crisis, cosplay actor lookalike Jon Snow of “Game of Thrones,” Captain America, fine artist Asia Lee, and competitive eater Ed “Cookie” Jarvis.

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As a chef I am always interested in food served at events. Plenty of comfort foods were on hand to please guests’ palates. I especially loved the fresh pasta bar with choice of pasta and sauces. I savored some tortellini alla vodka before moving on to the stick-to-the-rib items. Barbecue ribs & chicken, corn on the cob, and burgers complete with fixin’ station got my attention. Pulled pork & roasted suckling pig were also fan favorites. Desserts included a yummy donut wall, personal size custard pies, and chocolate confections from Chocolate Works of Plainview etc.

Early in the evening, music filled the air as ex-Yankee Bernie Williams played jazz guitar again for the second year in a row. That man is gifted whether picking up a bat or a guitar. Paul Mahos & New Life Crisis showcased their new east coast country music fusion. They had everyone up on their feet dancing and grooving. Impressing us even more, Paul has pledged that 50% of the proceeds from sales of his new song, “Let It Come True,” will be sent to

Whatever room you visited at The Carltun, fun was there to meet you. Whether taking photos with a few Oompa Loompas, cosplay actors from “Game of Thrones, the dashing Captain America or Mr. Met, guests were thoroughly entertained. Close-up magicians and jugglers walked around performing for intimate groups. Gaming tables and a boxing ring were set up to try your luck and spar for the cameras. Couples could be seen swaying to bands inside and out. Towards the end of the evening, fireworks lit up the sky, and signaled another successful gala.

This year, I joined the Pink Tie committee, and proudly attended many of the Tuesday morning meetings at Refuge in Melville. I met some of the most giving business owners on Long Island. One of our meetings took place at the new Stony Brook Children’s Hospital. We had a private tour of this state-of-the-art facility, and wow was that impressive! I can’t wait for them to open and show off all the details and thought they put into its design. And I will know that a lot of hard work and fundraising efforts from my colleagues at Pink Tie, added to making this a safe haven for families seeking medical treatment for their precious children here on Long Island.

Pink Tie 2019

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