Long Island has a lot to be proud of as a home to some of the most beautiful & community spirited women who recently competed for the title of Miss Long Island 2020 & Miss Long Island Teen 2020 at Madison Theatre at Molloy College!

Chef Paula and Cooking With Stars had the privilege of interviewing some of the newly crowned winners as well as the outgoing queens. Thank you to Miss Long Island Pageants for inviting us!

All pageant winners of Miss Long Island and Miss Long Island Teen will spend their year making a difference in their community with a focus on their designated platform.  Cooking With Stars also supports many non-profit initiatives every year with our service and to help raise money.  Here are the platforms chosen by the Pageant Queens we spoke with today:

Here’s one more way Cooking With Stars makes a positive impact on families, the community, and beyond.  Use the survey below to select one of the charities endorsed by our Pageant winners and learn more about how YOU can make a difference.  Cooking With Stars will make an additional donation to the charity selected by your vote.

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Miss Long Island Pageant 2020

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