Red Carpet Interviews by Paula Gottlieb Herman and Michael Herman of at the November 2, 2021 Premiere of the Long Island made film Christmas Vs The Walters


  • Shawnee Smith as Diane Walters
  • Dean Winters as Brian Walters
  • Chris Elliott as Dr. Tom
  • Bruce Dern as Cliff Walters
  • Caroline Aaron as Jane
  • Richard Thomas as Roger
  • Nate Torrence as Shelly
  • Paris Bravo as Abby Walters
  • Betsy Beutler as Kate
  • Jack McGee as Sydney
  • Kresh Novakovic as Dr. Klein
  • Carrie Kim as Miranda
  • John Farley as Chuck
  • Myles Clohessy as Gene
  • Jaime Zevallos as Ted
  • Christopher Brian Roach as Officer Morrelli
  • Gianni Ciardiello as Toby
  • Joseph D’Onofrio as Tony The Elf

Photos by Alex Wolf of

Note: 19 total interviews were shot that night.  Some are still being processed and will be posted later.  Come back for more.

Christmas Vs The Walters – Movie Premiere Interviews by Chef Paula of

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