Held at the St. Andrews Golf Club on Oct 16, 2017, Mary F. Clancy Charities organized a golf outing for the benefit of students from two schools, Sister Nora Cronin Presentation Academy in Newberg, and Montfort Academy in Mount Vernon.  The keynote presentation was by Chris Arceneaux, founder of the Darby Foundation.   We wanted to give these students the opportunity to try golf and learn what it has to offer.  Several speakers inspired the students and adults alike about how playing golf can improve many areas of life such as performance, self improvement, and building relationships.  Then the kids had lessons on the putting green and learned to hit some balls on the driving range, before playing a round of golf on the course.

Check out the Photo Galleries of the Students by clicking here.

Photos of the Adult Golfers will be in a different post.

Golf Outing

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